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In this analysis, we reviewed public mineral deed records from 68 counties. The charts and maps featured below are generated using Convey640 data. Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Cody Tucker INTRO […]
Cimarex Energy a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coterra Energy, has successfully wrapped up a project involving seven wells in Canadian County, Oklahoma, boasting an impressive combined Initial Production rate exceeding 9,000 Barrels of Oil Equivalent (BOE). Each individual well achieved an average BOE […]
Scissortail Energy Partners, a private exploration and production company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has recently completed three wells in Oklahoma. Notably, two of these wells have shown particularly encouraging results. This outcome is hardly surprising, given the seasoned leadership team at Scissortail, […]
I shared an update on my LinkedIn Page yesterday, informing about Gulfport Energy’s successful completion of the Fowler 04-09X16H well. This achievement ranks it among the top 7 gas wells completed in Oklahoma in 2023, based on the initial production […]
Devon Energy’s Burr Oak Unit Devon Energy Production Co LP recently completed the Burr Oak 2HX, 3HX, 4HX, and 5HX in Blaine County, OK, with notable initial production (IP) rates. Each well demonstrated initial rates exceeding 2,000 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). […]
In this analysis, we reviewed public mineral deed records from 68 counties. The charts and maps featured below are generated using, Convey640. As a subscriber, you also have the ability to conduct detailed analyses using Convey640. Please note that this article is for […]
Data presented below filtered to Previous 30 Days Cody Tucker A & D Land Run Minerals V, LLC Is Formed We are always excited to report when new investments are injected into the great State of Oklahoma.  Land Run V, LLC was […]
Data presented below filtered to the Previous 30 Days A & D Vendera Adds to Their Already Diverse Portfolio Vendera Resources‘ entities are listed as leaders in our Recent Assignments module, acquiring hundreds of tracts from BP America Production Co.  The […]
A & D Mach Continues to Expand BCE-Mach III LLC is listed as a leader in our Recent Assignments and Recent Transfers Modules, acquiring hundreds of tracts and wells from Camino Natural Resources LLC. More on the well transfers in our Drilling […]
Congratulations to Diversified Energy, who just announced they “entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement (“PSA”) to acquire certain upstream assets and related facilities (the “Assets”) in Oklahoma and Texas, within the Company’s Central Region, from ConocoPhillips Company (the “Seller”) (collectively with the Assets, the “Acquisition”).” From what […]
The declining nature of oil and gas wells makes it extremely important to buy in front of the drill bit and capture the early months of production. With Convey640 you can quickly, easily, and more affordably research and monitor Oklahoma activity to […]
RECENT CONVEYANCES Assignments, Minerals, & OGLs The biggest conveyance news during the previous 30 days was Citizen Energy acquiring the assets of Red Bluff Resources and Bricktown Energy. You can check out our coverage of this acquisition here.   Minerals: I know I’m starting to […]
Congratulations to Citizen Energy. They just announced that they “closed an acquisition of substantially all of the oil and gas properties of Red Bluff Resources and Bricktown Energy with an April 1, 2022, effective date.” Read Complete Press Release Here Highlights of […]
RECENT CONVEYANCES Assignments, Minerals, & OGLs Troy Energy, a newly formed, independent oil and gas acquisition, development, and exploration company based in Oklahoma City recently acquired some assets from Camino Natural Resources.   In addition to the assignments recorded, over 80 […]
Data presented below filtered to April 2022 Cody Tucker RECENT CONVEYANCES Assignments, Minerals, & OGLs Back in October 2021, Kirkpatrick Oil Company retained PetroDivest Advisors to market for sale its non-operated oil and gas properties, leasehold, and related assets in Oklahoma, Texas, […]
If you subscribe to our Daily County Report or Platform you may have noticed a Recent Completion with impressive Initial Production (IP) Rates. This appears to be one of the best Caney formation wells in Southern Oklahoma to Date. The well was completed by […]
Hello Hello!! It feels like it’s been a while since we last talked. The team has been very busy over the past two weeks. If you haven’t heard, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission switched to a new electronic filing website and we had […]
RECENT CONVEYANCES Minerals, Assignments, & OGLs As we have noted in the past few emails, Eckard continues to lead the way in Total Consideration recorded. Impressive to see a company have consistent success acquiring minerals.  Eckard’s transactions took place in the SCOOP […]
Could Push U.S. Natural Gas Prices Higher The data presented below is filtered to the past 30 Days RECENT CONVEYANCES Minerals of Oklahoma 2021 A few weeks ago we published our annual Minerals of Oklahoma analysis. If you didn’t get […]
For this analysis, we examined public mineral deed records in 66 counties. The charts and maps below are powered by our platform, Convey640. As a subscriber, you too can perform detailed analysis. This writing is meant to be informative and […]
The data presented below is filtered between 12/15/2021 – 12/31/2021 REGULATORY FILINGS Paloma Partners At the Top of OCC Apps Paloma Partners IV LLC has 27 Apps showing up in our platform (7 in Grady and 20 in Canadian).  Location Exceptions (10)Horizontal […]
REGULATORY FILINGS CPRP Remains Active; Filing 60 Apps In the past 15 days, Casillas Petroleum Resource Partners LLC has filed 60 regulatory applications; including Multi-Units, Increased Well Densities, and Horizontal Spacings.  Example of one of their recent filings in 02-06N-04W, McClain County, OK. […]
REGULATORY FILINGS Continental Still Targeting The SCOOP Continental Resources has been recently targeting 06N-06W, Grady County, OK. Looks like they plan to drill multiple wells in the area with filings of Location Exceptions, Increased Densities, and Multi-Unit Spacings.  Did you know you […]
REGULATORY FILINGS 384 Orders Filed So Far in November  Citizen Energy shows up in our Orders Module 81 Times. Half of that activity takes place in Canadian County, OK. Looks like they’re re-opening some case numbers to drill some horizontal wells!  […]
It has been a while since we have sent out an activity newsletter. We have been busy building and enhancing our platform to ensure our subscribers have the most up-to-date information and tools to navigate the Oklahoma market. Not a subscriber […]
For this analysis, we examined public mineral deed records in 65 counties. The charts and maps below are powered by our data and analytics platform, Convey640, which uses advanced computer technology to gather, clean, and organize regulatory, land, and well […]
Contango and Mid-Con Energy announced on 10/26/2020 that they entered into an all-stock merger. “The combination continues Contango’s consolidation strategy, increases its exposure to oil reserves at an attractive price, increases corporate margins via scale and further cost rationalization, and […]
DUC is an acronym for Drilled but UnCompleted wells (i.e. the well is not yet producing hydrocarbons). The DUC count is analyzed by many in the industry as an indicator of the market’s health and how operators are viewing future […]
Last month we wrote that Templar Energy and Tapstone Energy executed an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) of $65 Million to serve as the “Stalking Horse Bid,” and Tapstone was positioned to receive a $1.95 million termination fee should another offer […]
On March 24, 2020, Echo Energy Partners I, LLC sought protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code (Source). Echo was estimated to have: Assets: $50-$100 MillionLiabilities: $100-$500 Million The bankruptcy announcement came just weeks after Echo Energy moved into […]
Templar Energy and Tapstone Energy executed an Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) dated June 22, 2020, according to case records examined online. Tapstone’s offer of $65 Million will serve as the “Stalking Horse Bid,” and Tapstone is positioned to receive a […]
In the past 30 days, Derrick Resources Inc has acquired 95 wells from Blue Water Resources LLC. With Convey640 we can see that the wells are located in Eastern Oklahoma, with the hot spot being McIntosh County.  We can also […]
  This week a large part of the upstream sector is meeting in Houston, TX, to partake in The NAPE Summit (North American Prospect Expo). The expo “provides a marketplace for the buying, selling, and trading of oil and gas […]
  As other companies are slowing down their buying and drilling activity, Continental Resources (“Continental”) appears to be full steam ahead. In the past 6 months, Continental has leased 1,821 tracts, majority located in Southern Oklahoma. Garvin (645)Murray (367)Carter (279)Stephens (226)Love […]
 In the Past 7 Days, XTO Energy transferred 103 wells to Merit Energy Company. The wells are located in LeFlore (54), Haskell (29), Latimer (14), Sequoyah (5), and Pittsburg (1) Counties. All of the wells are classified as “Gas” and […]
Red Wolf Acquisitions, LLC (Red Wolf Natural Resources), who is backed by Pearl Energy Investments filed their first regulatory applications (Spacing, Location Exception, Increased Density, & MultiUnit) on 01/09/2019. Red Wolf entered the Oklahoma market in May 2019, when they […]
For this blog, we examined public mineral deed records in 31 counties. The charts and maps below are powered by data from our mineral & leasehold intelligence platform, Convey640, which uses advanced computer technology to gather, clean, and organize regulatory, […]
In BMO Capital Markets’ A&D Market Monitor for the Mid-Continent region, it was noted that an “Undisclosed Seller” sold SCOOP assets to Continental Resources for $80MM around July 31, 2019. Using Convey640, we can see that the seller was Echo […]
Panhandle Oil & Gas Inc announced that on Dec. 18, 2019, it closed on the acquisition of 700 net mineral acres in the core of the STACK play in Oklahoma for $9.56 million ($13,657/nma); the seller was not disclosed. Using […]
According to Convey640, Will Energy Corp transferred 305 wells to Contango Resources Inc in the past 7 days. The Oklahoma wells are located in Texas, Beaver, Harper, Woods, Ellis, Woodward, Blaine, and Grady County. Examining Contango’s financial filings, the closing […]
In their latest SEC filing, Brigham Minerals reported in Q3 that they acquired 350 net royalty acres (nra) in the SCOOP and 200 nra in the STACK, and spent 11% of $99 million in the Anadarko Basin. Brigham’s weighted average […]
“OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Devon Energy Corp. (NYSE: DVN) announced today it has entered into an agreement with Dow (NYSE: Dow) to jointly develop a portion of the company’s STACK acreage in central Oklahoma. Under this […]