The declining nature of oil and gas wells makes it extremely important to buy in front of the drill bit and capture the early months of production. With Convey640 you can quickly, easily, and more affordably research and monitor Oklahoma activity to ensure you are acquiring acreage before it’s drilled and completed. 

1. Analyze Oil & Gas Lease Trends

Before a company can drill a well it must secure the acreage and obtain the rights to drill. This usually starts with an oil and gas lease. Leasing activity across the state has drastically increased recently, as commodity prices have made Oklahoma rock attractive again. 

Our Recent Conveyances Module lets you see who is leasing and the areas they are targeting.  As you can see from the graphic below, Continental Resources is very active. If you like to buy under Continental’s wells you could filter Continental as Lessee and see all the areas they are targeting. 

Since many operators use brokers to handle their lease transactions you may not see your target operator under the Lessee data. That’s okay, we track assignments, and our software makes it easy to spot who is brokering deals for operators. 

2. Use Regulatory Filings To Find Owners

A common practice for mineral and non-op companies is to use regulatory filings as their guide for areas to target. Before a company can drill a well the area must be properly spaced and unleased owners must be pooled. 

Our Regulatory Module gathers and organizes apps and orders filed with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission each day. Convey640 makes it easy to search by the legal, applicant, case type, and more. 

You likely already know that respondent lists are great sources for leads on potential owners. However, getting the names and addresses to an offer letter can be time-consuming. Convey640 makes extracting names from pdf to a spreadsheet a breeze. With one click you can export respondent names and addresses to a usable format. 

Did you know you can also use our Respondent Search Module to see where else an owner may have interests?! Now instead of the generic tag line at the end of your offer letter “and other acreage, you may own,” you can customize your offer letter and prices to match the owner’s actual interests.

3. Track New Drilling Permits

When a permit is filed it is a good sign that an area is about to be drilled. The number of permits filed across the state can also be a good indicator of the market’s sentiment toward oil and gas development. 

Often times public companies will publish investor presentations that outline their current results and future goals. Combining presentations with permit data is a great way to buy alongside drilling operations. 

Our Permit Module shows you who is active, the surface and bottom hole locations, formations, drill type, expiration dates, and permit/spud status. 

4. Know If Acreage Has DUCs

The price collapse of 2020 caused an increase in Drilled but Uncompleted Wells (DUCs). Many of the wells coming online today were wells that were previously spud and then had completion operations paused. The areas where these wells are located likely will not have new leasing, regulatory, or permit activity, so you have to go a step further. 

Our DUC Inventory Module shows all of the wells that we classify as DUCs, along with their operator, and locations. Combining information from our others modules you can quickly see which operators are still active vs those that have gone out of business. And as noted above, you can use investor presentations and other indicators to make more accurate assumptions about whether or not DUCs will be completed. 

5. Monitor Areas of Interest With Advanced Alerts

Monitoring activity across multiple tracts is a lot of work, and often times things can be overlooked. As a landman-founded company, we understand these challenges and have experienced many of them first-hand. 

Our Alerts Module, which is becoming one of our most popular features, was designed to help you monitor all of your assets and potential assets for activity. Easily set up alerts for conveyances, regulatory filings, and drilling activity. 

If any activity is filed within your Area of Interest you will receive an email notifying you of the activity.

Want to experience this feature for yourself? Try our alerts module for free for 30 days! No credit card is required, simply add your Sections-Townships-Ranges and wait for the activity to arrive in your inbox! 

Set up your alerts today

If you are actively buying minerals and non-op in Oklahoma and want to see additional ways you can use Convey640 to make data-driven decisions you can schedule a 1-on-1 demo, watch our short videos, or contact me directly. 

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