CPRP Remains Active; Filing 60 Apps

In the past 15 days, Casillas Petroleum Resource Partners LLC has filed 60 regulatory applications; including Multi-Units, Increased Well Densities, and Horizontal Spacings. 

More Apps: Additional filings were made by these companies.

(Total) represents the number of STRs covered and individual instruments. For instance, a pooling, multi, and spacing filed in both 31-07N-06W and 30-07N-06W would have a count of (6).

Pooling Orders: 13 Filed;  covering 8 counties.


More IP Rates To Report

Kingfisher County, OK
Gas = MCF/Day
Oil = BBL/Day

The 1002A Completion Forms are not available yet, so we linked to the Notice of Spuds (Form 1001A).  

Chaparral Is Active Again: Past 15 days, Chaparral Energy has spud 3 wells; all 3 bottom holes located in 13N-07W of Canadain County, OK

Additionally, Chaparral picked up 71 wells from Fairway Resources Operating III LLC.

  • 37 in Wood County, OK
  • 34 in Major County, OK

Speaking of Fairway: Per their site, “Please take note that as of September 3, 2021, and effective June 1, 2021, Fairway has sold all oil and gas assets to two buyers. The two buyers appear to be Chaparral and Mustang Fuel.”

Some More Transfers: MMGK Arkoma LLC has so far acquired over 150 wells from Stephens Production Co. All of these are gas wells located in far eastern Oklahoma. 

A & D

BCE-Mach Announces Agreements for its 10th and 11th Acquisitions

BCE-Mach LLC, BCE-Mach II LLC and BCE-Mach III LLC (collectively “BCE-Mach”) have executed purchase and sale agreements for two acquisitions totaling $66.5 million with both expected to close in the first quarter of 2022.  

  • $66.5 Million 
  • 1) Working interest across 61 wells in Kingfisher County, OK
  • 2) Assets located in Mississippi Lime
    • BCE-Mach’s 4th Acquisition in Miss Lime
    • Primarily located in Barber County, KS
    • 66,000 net acres
    • 193 operated wells
  • Expected to Add $26.4 million of 2022 cash flow

Eckard Land & Acquisitions Dominates Mineral Space: Eckard continues to impress with its activity and capital spent. In the past 15 days, Eckard has accounted for 56% of all considerations recorded in the 57 counties we examined.

Assignment Activity: Leading assignment news for the past 15 days appears to be an overriding royalty interest exchanged between TLW Investments and Hillman Royalties. 

Urban Energy Funds also picked up some assets from Peregrine Energy. The assets were primarily located in Ellis County, OK, and Roger Mills County, OK. 

Our Platform Makes Analyzing A&D Activity Easy: If you want to know who is buying, leasing, assigning, or transferring assets, you need to take a look at Convey640. And don’t forget we have regulatory and well information too!

Other News

First Podcast/Interview 

A few months ago I stopped in at the Oil & Gas Expo to chat with Matt Hill and Ken Lavin. If you want to know more about Convey640 and how we got started, or want to know about me, ya the person who keeps sending you these emails, then check the video out!    

Also, Matt does a great job promoting our industry and spotlighting oil and gas companies. During football season he organizes the Oilfield Tailgate, which is always a great time. Check out his oilfield calendar for upcoming events! 

First, OSU beat us on the Field, and Now This: JK on the hate toward, OSU, happy to see this! 

Harold Hamm, Continental Resources Pledge $50 Million to Create OSU Energy Institute. “The Hamm Institute’s mission is to educate the next generation of energy leaders — in Oklahoma, the United States, and from around the world — cementing Oklahoma’s legacy as a global energy leader.”




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