Continental Still Targeting The SCOOP

Continental Resources has been recently targeting 06N-06W, Grady County, OK. Looks like they plan to drill multiple wells in the area with filings of Location Exceptions, Increased Densities, and Multi-Unit Spacings. 

  • Did you know you can now export respondent names and addresses from these filings within our platform to quickly create mailers?

Another Operator Targeting the SCOOP: Casillas Petroleum Resource Partners is interested in Western Garvin County, with recent filings covering 04N-04W, 03N-04W, and 03N-03W.  If you have ever run title in Garvin County you know this area can be tricky with lots of old leaseholds thanks to the NE Purdy Hart Sand Unit and NE Purdy Springer Sand Unit


Calyx Energy III Completes 3 More Wells

3 recent completions by Calyx Energy III in Hughes County, OK. The 1002A Completion Forms are not available yet, so we linked to the Notice of Spuds (Form 1001A).  

More Notable Wells Drilled By Calyx: Some people are critical of IP rates and their actual intel to well performance, but we think they are interesting data points to examine so we report them in our platform. 

Other Rapunzel Facts: Disney Character and Historical Literature. The well names may have nothing to do with either, but it’s what popped into my head when read for the first time. 

6 Wells Spud In Past 7 Days: Citizen Energy spud 3 wells in Grady County, OK; 1 well in Canadian County, OK;  and Mewbourne Oil Co spud 2 wells in Ellis County, OK.

DUC Count At 319: As we mentioned in past, the majority are located in Kingfisher County, OK. Statewide, the operators with the most DUCs on their books are listed below. We expect the top two operators to complete their wells as commodity prices improve. Circle 9 says permanently closed on Google, so maybe these wells will eventually be transferred to an active operator? We will have to monitor their 16 wells.

A & D

We Know The Seller(s) of Citizen’s Acquisition

As we mentioned in our November 2 newsletter, Citizen Energy announced that it had entered into a definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement with an undisclosed seller. 

  • 8,000 BOEPD of production (58% gas and 25% NGLs)
  • 97 operated wells
  • 400 non-op wells
  • 28,000 net acres (94% HBP)

Thanks to our powerful platform we know who the seller(s) is. You can see that our map above matches the map found in the press release. Subscribers can search “Citizen” in the grantee column of the Recent Conveyances Module to reveal the seller. Since not all county filings have been reported yet we will hold off on publicly mentioning the seller. But, if you are not a subscriber yet and want to know more about the transaction you can schedule a demo

OKC Company Buys Minerals From Dallas Company: Dakota Royalty Group purchased 100s of tracts in Western Oklahoma in a recent transaction. The consideration recorded was over $1 million dollars! 

Leasing Activity Is Still Slow: Not a ton of leases have been recorded in the past few weeks, just a little of 320 tracts.



As you have heard by now, Lincoln Riley has left the Sooners for the USC Trojans. Ironically, an energy guy, Robert Hefner, of Hefner Energy, broke the viral story of Lincoln’s not-confirmed contract terms on Twitter. The tweet has thousands of likes and has been shared by many well-known national sports news outlets.  

I Joined the Twitter World too: On Twitter, there is a community known as #EFT. It’s made up of landmen, geologists, engineers, financial wizards, field service members, and other industry experts. A lot of the accounts are anonymous to protect their identities, but the information shared is valuable. I decided to jump in and engage with the #EFT crew. Give me a follow if you’re interested in Oklahoma news and some Tucker’s Tulips updates. 

The OSU Cowboys Beat the OU Sooners: 37-33 was the score. No further commentary on that except the two teams leaving the Big 12 for the SEC are not even playing in the Big 12 Conference Championship…eeek. 

Big Game Bob is Back: Bob Stoops was named interim coach after Lincoln Riley’s Departure, and he was fired up!




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