In the past 30 days, Derrick Resources Inc has acquired 95 wells from Blue Water Resources LLC.

With Convey640 we can see that the wells are located in Eastern Oklahoma, with the hot spot being McIntosh County.


We can also see that 100% of the wells are classified as gas wells.


Thanks to our recent partnership with WellDatabase, viewing the wells spots on a map is quick and easy.


We can also examine a type curve for the wells. Since these are primarily conventional wells, their production has been pretty consistent over the years. As we have mentioned before, vertical permits are on the rise as conventional wells are regaining popularity. Their initial IP rates are not headliners, but consistent production over many years allows for a sustainable business model.


It is a different market in 2020 but opportunities still exist. With Convey640 you can quickly and easily stay up-to-date with vertical activity and look for new acquisition and divestment opportunities. Schedule a demo to learn more about Convey640 and WellDatabase.



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