Devon Energy’s Burr Oak Unit

Devon Energy Production Co LP recently completed the Burr Oak 2HX, 3HX, 4HX, and 5HX in Blaine County, OK, with notable initial production (IP) rates. Each well demonstrated initial rates exceeding 2,000 barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). The 4 unit wells’ cumulative IP surpassed 9,000 BOE. 

The surface holes were located in Section 26-15N-11W, while the completion intervals were distributed across Section 35-15N-11W and Section 02-14N-11W.

In 2023 Devon Energy has completed 14 wells, with 11 located in Blaine County and 3 in Kingfisher County. The Convey640 platform provides users with a GIS map that showcases lateral sticks, fault lines, satellite imagery, pipelines, and other layers.

Furthermore, Convey640 encompasses a comprehensive collection of well record and regulatory PDFs, including geological exhibits. All of Convey640’s PDFs can be viewed and downloaded to your computer for additional insights. 

Upon monthly production taking place in these wells, Convey640 will promptly capture the data as soon as it is made available by the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Inside the Convey640 platform subscribers can easily view monthly oil and gas production as well as cumulative totals. 

According to our observations and feedback from existing subscribers, Convey640 stands out as the leading provider of publicly available Oklahoma production data in terms of its timeliness and accuracy.

We put significant effort into promptly capturing and processing the information as it becomes available, enabling our subscribers to consistently make data-driven decisions based on the most reliable data.

Production shown in the above image is not related to the Burr Oak Unit.

If you’re interested in comparing your current provider or methods with Convey640, feel free to contact us to arrange a demonstration or a risk-free trial.



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