Data presented below filtered to April 2022 Cody Tucker RECENT CONVEYANCES Assignments, Minerals, & OGLs Back […]
If you subscribe to our Daily County Report or Platform you may have noticed a Recent Completion with impressive Initial […]
Hello Hello!! It feels like it’s been a while since we last talked. The team has […]
RECENT CONVEYANCES Minerals, Assignments, & OGLs As we have noted in the past few emails, Eckard continues to […]
Could Push U.S. Natural Gas Prices Higher The data presented below is filtered to the past […]
For this analysis, we examined public mineral deed records in 66 counties. The charts and maps […]
The data presented below is filtered between 12/15/2021 – 12/31/2021 REGULATORY FILINGS Paloma Partners At the […]
REGULATORY FILINGS CPRP Remains Active; Filing 60 Apps In the past 15 days, Casillas Petroleum Resource Partners […]
REGULATORY FILINGS Continental Still Targeting The SCOOP Continental Resources has been recently targeting 06N-06W, Grady County, OK. Looks […]
REGULATORY FILINGS 384 Orders Filed So Far in November  Citizen Energy shows up in our Orders Module […]