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Start your morning off with the Daily County Report . Receive a spreadsheet each morning of Yesterday’s Oklahoma Corporation Commission filings, including Apps , Orders, Permits, Completions , and Transfers.

And each Monday you will also receive our Conveyance Insight Report . Inside this PDF you will find Mineral Deeds, Assignments, and Oil & Gas Leases from the previous 7 days.  

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$ 20

per month, when billed annually

$23 per month, when billed Semi-annually
$25 per month when billed Monthly

  • Daily County Report
  • Conveyance Insight Report
  • Home Page Tools
  • Data Updated Daily

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Reports are included in all Module Plans. A separate Reports subscription is not required. 

Before you buy or lease Oklahoma minerals order this report. 

You don’t purchase a used care without first getting a vehicle history report. So why would you buy or lease minerals with first knowing the activity occurring in the section?

Simply input your STR(s) and receive a detailed 640 Activity Report in your inbox. 

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$50 per STR

10 Reports/month are included in the Land & Technical Plan.